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The synthetic polymers are manufactured to achieve special properties that Natural Rubber does not have. Examples for such properties are resistance to oils and special chemicals, high temperature and weather (ozone, UV-light). Since every product degrades in efficiency and quality, timely replacement is necessary.
ASPIRE offers re-gasketing service for complete plate stacks for all plate heat exchangers brands and sizes.

Re-Gasketing Steps:

* Plates Inventoried & Recorded
* Plates Engraved with Job Number
* Initial Visual Inspection
* Old Gaskets Removed
* Chemical & Hand Cleaning to Remove Scale
* Dye/Penetrant Testing for Leaks & Pinholes
* Final Cleaning & Passivation
* Final Inspection for Wear, Corrosion and Damage
* Dye Check & Inspection Report Issued to Customer
* Plates Re-gasketed with Appropriate Elastomer and Adhesive
* Gasket Adhesive Oven Cured Under Plate Compression
* Final Plate & Gasket Inspection to Ensure Quality Control
* Crating & Shipment


When it is time for heat exchanger maintenance, a re-gasketed plate pack is on stand-by for immediate installation. ASPIRE guarantees availability of your plate model will always be in stock regardless of demand.


* Reduction in process costs
* Increase in thermal efficiency
* Improve the functionality of Heat Exchanger
* Extending the life of the Heat Exchanger
* Improve its working efficiency
* Repair damage

Plate Frame Maintenance

ASPIRE offers solutions for your Heat Exchanger Maintenance. Heat exchanger problems are not always accompanied by obvious symptoms such as leaks or channel intermixing. Some problems are minor but progressive, causing higher energy consumption and performance variability. Dirt, deposits, scale and other fouling rob your plate-type heat exchangers of their design efficiency, risking damage to expensive equipment and unscheduled downtime for repairs.

Cleaning & Leak Detection

Above is a PHE frame under breakdown. If measurements and inspections indicate that cleaning and re-gasketing is warranted, you can prevent damage to costly plates. Plate damage leads to leaks, faulty operation and reduced equipment life.

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